Welcome to EGYPT!

         The people of Egypt wore robes or tunics to help them stay cool in their hot climate.  You may wish to help your child play the part  this week while attending Spring Grove Community VBS!   The following are a few different ways to make a simple tunic for your child to wear during VBS.    Please remember, this is completely optional and just for fun!  Each group will receive a colored belt to wear around their waist.

Example 1:  Send along an adult-sized plain white t-shirt.  The t-shirt should fit loosely and be about knee length on your child.
Example 2:  Using a white or plain-colored pillowcase, cut a half circle in the top for the neck.  Open the sides from the seam about 10-inches to make arm holes.

Example 3:  Using a white bed sheet, fold it in half width-wise.  Cut a half circle in the center of the fold for the neck hole.

Please remember, costumes are not required but will be a lot of FUN!

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